The Acadian Coast strain of Psilocybe cubensis is naturally found where its name suggests, and it might have been consumed by the Acadians. If you’re interested in this magic mushroom strain, keep reading – we’ll talk about its distinguishing features, potency, and more.


  • The Acadian Coast strain originates from around the Mississippi River 🍄
  • It’s distinguished by its vibrant, orangish red or reddish brown cap 🍄
  • It seems to be related to the Dixieland strain 🍄
  • The potency of these magic mushrooms is average, without remarkable effects 🍄

Historically, the Acadian Coast was settled by French-speaking Acadian people who were later expelled by the British in the mid-18th century. Today, the region is known for its diverse cultural heritage and natural beauty. Rolling hills, fertile farmland, numerous rivers… and mushrooms collected along the coast of the Mississippi River. Let’s discuss them.

What Does the Acadian Coast Mushroom Look Like?

The Acadian Coast, with its highly rhizomorphic mycelium, fruits generously and colonizes aggressively. The fruit has the sturdy stature of Psilocybe cubensis and a vibrant orangish-red cap. Mushroom spore sellers also say that the caps can range in color from light brown to golden brown. Growers say that the second and third flushes produce the best harvest.

Did You Know… 🔍

Rhizomorphic mycelium is string-like and tomentose mycelium is fluffy. You may have seen people argue online about which growth is better. Some growers have even seen both types in one substrate. This is normal, and the two types of mycelium can turn into each other under certain conditions. The truth is, tomentose mycelium is usually a result of excess moisture in the substrate, and it’s less favorable than rhizomorphic growth. The latter produces better flushes.

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Genetic Relatives of This Magic Mushroom Strain

The closest relatives to the Acadian Coast cubensis come from Mississippi and Louisiana. One of them is Dixieland, which has a similar mycelium and brown caps that lighten with ripening. There’s also a strain called Mississippi, which originates from the same area but has different growth characteristics.

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Psilocybin Content & Potency of Acadian Coast Cubensis

Potency is the strength and effectiveness of psychoactive compounds, primarily psilocybin and psilocin, present in hallucinogenic mushrooms. Their potency is influenced by their species, environmental conditions during growth, and storage methods. It can vary significantly between strains and individual samples, which makes it difficult to compare the Acadian Coast with other mushrooms.

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That said, most sources place its psilocybin content between 0.25 and 0.75 percent, and psilocin between 0.00% and 0.30%. Combined, the potency of the Acadian Coast is somewhere between 0.25 and 1.05 percent, which is close to the average potency of the Psilocybe cubensis species. Users report average visuals with a higher body load than strains like the Golden Teacher.

Effects of the Acadian Coast Mushroom

Like other magic mushrooms, the Acadian Coast produces visual hallucinations. This can manifest as an array of kaleidoscopic patterns, intricate geometric shapes, and a vivid spectrum of colors. These visual phenomena are often accompanied by an increased sensitivity to lights and contrasting hues, further enhancing the breathtaking complexity of the user’s visual experience.

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In addition, the Acadian Coast mushroom often leads to:

  • heightened introspection;
  • a sense of connectedness with others and the world;
  • a sense of euphoria and wellbeing;
  • spontaneous bouts of laughter;
  • sensations of tingling and warmth;
  • synesthesia (the blending of sensory experiences, such as “hearing” colors or “tasting” sounds); and
  • a gentle distortion of the user’s sense of time and space.

Factors such as dosage, the user’s prior experience with psychedelics, and their current emotional state can all play a role in shaping the trajectory of the trip. In general, the effects of the Acadian Coast are comparable to those of the Cambodian strain.

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What to Know About the Spores

The price of Acadian Coast spores is about the same as other P. cubensis strains, including the Golden Teacher, Jedi Mind Fuck, Penis Envy and Z Strain. The recommended substrate for them is brown rice flour and vermiculite. Bovine and equine dung are sometimes listed as the ideal habitat of this rare strain.

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Acadian Coast:
- Louisiana strain
- abundant fruiter
- medium to large fruit

Comparing the Acadian Coast With Popular Shrooms

Acadian CoastPenis EnvyGolden TeacherB+Cambodian
or low
or moderate
Appearanceorange/reddish brown cap, sturdy stemwhite cap, large and swollen stemlarge, yellowish brown cap, thick stembrown cap with white gills, bulging stembrown cap, thin and long stem

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