Ever heard of the Hawaiian strain? It’s one of the most popular marijuana strains on the market. And for a good reason! These sweet buds will satisfy any weed enjoyer. Hop in, and let’s discover this tropical beauty! 

Too Long; Didn’t Read 

  • The Hawaiian strain is a sativa hybrid with 20% THC content. 🍀
  • It has a nice and sweet aroma. 🍀
  • Many people use it to cope with chronic pain, depression, or mood swings. 🍀 
  • It’s pretty potent, but the sativa keeps your energy flowing. 🍀

The Hawaiian Strain Information

The Hawaiian weed strain is a sativa dominant hybrid. The THC levels are quite high, usually reaching 20%. The CBD content is 1%. It rarely burns the throat, and the puffs are more or less gentle.

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This strain looks and smells fun. The buds are light green with a bit of an orange fuzz. The smell is often said to resemble tropical fruits, or citrus. 

What Can You Expect

  • pleasant vibes ✨
  • light mood ✨
  • lazy haze ✨
  • enhanced creativeness ✨
  • head buzz ✨
  • feeling euphoric ✨
  • giggles ✨

Other Possible Effects

  • dry mouth ☁️
  • being distracted ☁️
  • tardiness ☁️

The Hawaiian is particularly beloved by people suffering from mental disorders. Many bipolar people use it for its calming properties. For people with depression, the happy and creative feelings are the selling point. The Hawaiian strain is very much recommended for afternoon chill, or a fun end of the day. 

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Fun Fact 🍀

Despite being a popular hybrid, the exact lineage of the Hawaiian strain isn’t known. The one thing we can safely assume is that it originates from the titular Hawaii islands. 

Indica/ Sativa Content 

The Hawaiian strain is 40% indica and 60% sativa, hence the happy and energetic vibes it gives off. But the indica is also strong with this one. It provides a nice haze, and the overall feeling of calm. It’s definitely a good choice for people medicating pain, but who also don’t want to feel dazed, or sleepy. 

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Hawaiian Cannabis Strain Review

Hi, it’s your boy Tom here. I’m an occasional enjoyer of cannabis, and since we’ve decided to write this article, I had to try the Hawaiian myself. So let me tell you my review. 

Long story short: I LOVE IT. From the very beginning, the Hawaiian caught me feeling giddy with its smell. And damn, believe me when I tell you, grinding it made it smell even better. 

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I rolled it, and took a few hits. I didn’t want to take too much, as I’ve read it’s rather potent. To be honest, I wouldn’t say so. For me, it’s of rather common potency. Nothing crazy. It took a few minutes to fully hit me. 

Now, the best part – the high it gave me. I felt GOOD. It was as if I’d floated, but only a little, like a balloon on a string (high, but grounded). I did some coloring in my coloring books, and the colors flowed right out of me. I vibed to lo-fi music, but I guess more upbeat sounds would make me more energetic. 

During the come down, I got some munchies, and (not gonna lie) it also felt fun. I ate an instant soup for solid 20 minutes, and it tasted like the best thing I’d ever had. 

In my opinion, it’s worth its hype. It’s one of the best sativa strains I’ve smoked. 8.5/10. Wholeheartedly recommend.

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