Psilocybe strictipes, also known as “magic mushrooms” are a species of mushroom from the Hymenogastraceae family. Read on to learn more about it, its effects and more.

Psilocybe Strictipes: Appearance

Psilocybe strictipes is a species of psychedelic mushroom. The mushrooms have a wide, thin cap that is yellowish or brownish in color and often has a knobbed appearance. The stem of the mushroom is long and thin, and typically ranges in color from white to pale brown. The cap is 5 to 30 mm across, which makes the P. Strictipes one of the smallest hallucinogenic mushrooms. The flesh can be stained blue when injured, suggesting the presence of alkaloids. When the shroom is young, the gills are cream-colored, and they change to dark purple brown when mature.

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Psilocybe Strictipes: Habitat and Distribution

Psilocybe Strictipes fruits during late summer and early fall. They can be found on lawns and grassy areas in Southern America (Chile), as well as numerous European countries, including: England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Scotland, Slovakia and Sweden. They also grow in the Pacific Northwest. Psilocybe Strictipes mushrooms do not grow from dung and prefer more temperate, cool climates. Even though they are widely distributed, they are not considered very common.

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Psilocybe Strictipes: Psychedelic Compounds

Psilocybe strictipes is a species of psilocybin mushroom that contains psychedelic compounds known as psilocybin and psilocin. These powerful alkaloids are known to produce mind-altering effects when consumed, which has made them the subject of significant scientific research and recreational interest alike. Despite the fact that this species varies widely in appearance from one individual to another and can be difficult to distinguish from similar-looking mushroom species.

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Psilocybe Strictipes: Effects and Potency

The effects that are experienced depend on a variety of factors, including dosage amount, body chemistry, and user history. In general, however, users report feeling more open and insightful after consuming these mushrooms, as well as enhanced sensory awareness and physical sensations. Additionally, many people claim that the Psilocybe strictipes mushrooms work quickly with very little stomach upset compared to other psychedelic fungi. While the full extent of these mushrooms’ effects remains unknown, they continue to be an important subject of research in the field of psychedelic science.​

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