Have you ever considered having sex while tripping on acid? If so, you’re not alone! Lysergic acid diethylamide can make your sexual experiences more intense and enjoyable. In this article, we will discuss sex on LSD. Read on!


  • Sex on LSD might be a mind-blowing experience, and many recommend it for added spiritual bonus ✔️
  • LSD and other psychedelics can help you explore your fantasies and your sexuality ✔️
  • You must always obtain consent from your partner(s) before having sex on LSD!
  • Make sure you’re in a safe environment, and with a person or people you trust ✔️

Who Are Sexual Psychonauts?

Who Are Sexual Psychonauts

In the broadest sense, a sexual psychonaut is anyone who explores the outer limits of their sexuality. This can involve pushing personal boundaries, trying new things, or simply paying closer attention to sexual fantasies and feelings. Sexual psychonauts are often curious and open-minded, and they may view sex as a way to learn more about themselves and their own desires. Some sexual psychonauts focus on specific activities or kinks, while others take a more general approach. In either case, the goal is typically to expand one’s sexual horizons and have fun in the process.

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One semi-controversial idea to explore one’s sexuality is through combining sex and drugs – sex and psychedelics, to be precise. Sexual encounters gain a whole new aspect while tripping on acid or mushrooms. Of course, your sexual partner must consent to you being drugged. Keep reading to learn more about sex on LSD.

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Sex on LSD – How Does It Feel?

While sex on LSD may not be for everyone, those who have tried it report some pretty intense and pleasurable sensations. For some, the increased senses of smell and touch can make sex on LSD feel like an entirely different experience. The barriers between you and your partner may also seem to disappear, leading to a deeper level of intimacy. And then there’s the orgasm.

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Some say sex on LSD is the most intense orgasm they’ve ever experienced. Muscles may contract involuntarily, and the whole body may feel alive with pleasure. Of course, sex on LSD is not without its risks. Since psychedelics can reduce inhibitions, it’s important to be with someone you trust and to practice safe sex. But if you’re looking to add a little excitement to your sex life, LSD just might be worth a try.

There are many people for whom it’s easier to get aroused on acid. But does LSD really make you horny? Here you can read more about it!

Sex on LSD – Risks and Benefits

Sex on LSD – Risks and Benefits

Sex on LSD is often considered to be a more intense and spiritual experience. The sex hormone testosterone is increased during an acid trip, which can lead to a more intense sex drive. It can feel like a primal instinct. The main risk of sex on LSD is that it can be difficult to maintain being aroused. This is because LSD can cause anxiety and paranoia, which can interfere with sexual performance.

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In addition, sex on LSD can be unpredictable and may not always result in a pleasurable experience. Some people report their penises to feel less responsive, and thus erection felt impossible. For others, LSD sex felt like one big hallucination, which they barely remembered afterwards.

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Nonetheless, some people believe that the benefits of sex on LSD outweigh the risks. For example, sex on LSD can help people to overcome sexual inhibitions and connect with their partner on a deeper level. Heightened senses can also lead to amplified orgasms and improved sexual communication. There are reports of sex on LSD feeling like everything came together like one big puzzle piece.

Tips for Sex on Acid Trips

Tips for Sex on Acid Trips

Are you trying to prepare to have sex on LSD? Here are some tips to keep in mind!

Get Consent From Your Partner 

This should be obvious, but it is worth repeating: get consent from your partner before engaging in any sexual activity while on an LSD trip. It is especially important to ensure that both partners are comfortable with the experience and that they understand the risks associated with taking acid during sex. 

Prepare a Safe Environment 

Before beginning your journey, make sure that you have created a safe and comfortable space for yourself and your partner. This could mean making sure that the environment is quiet and free from distractions or noise, or allowing yourself plenty of time for rest between trips. You may also want to consider turning off electronics such as phones or tablets to reduce any external stimulation. Make sure you have plenty of water (or other hydrating beverages) on-hand as well! 

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Know Your Limits 

It is important to know how much LSD you can handle without going overboard – it’s easy to take too much if you don’t know your limit! Before engaging in sexual activities while tripping, make sure that you have taken only what is necessary for the experience to be enjoyable and safe. Remember: everyone has different tolerances, so be sure to start low and work up as needed. 

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Be Prepared           

Before beginning your trip, take care of business like using the restroom or getting something to eat/drink if needed – you don’t want those needs distracting you once you get started! Additionally, consider doing some research about the effects of LSD before embarking on this journey – educate yourself and your partner about what might happen during the experience so that everyone involved knows what to expect. Lastly, make sure you have an exit strategy in case things start feeling overwhelming. There should always be a plan in place for how to safely stop intercourse if need be. 

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