Can LSD put you in a coma? Many people are asking this question after hearing about the serious effects of an LSD overdose. A few people have had to be hospitalized after taking large doses of LSD. Learn more below.


  • A normal dose of LSD can’t put you in a coma, but an extreme overdose can ⚠️
  • One time, 8 people went into a coma after taking a massive dose of LSD (which they thought was cocaine) 📝

Report of Eight Patients Overdosing on LSD in 1974

In 1974, a paper was published in the Western Journal of Medicine about 8 patients who took a massive dose of pure LSD tartrate powder. Within 15 minutes of intranasal self-administration (snorting), they experienced the following effects:

  • emesis (vomiting);
  • collapsing;
  • sympathetic overactivity;
  • hyperthermia (overheating);
  • respiratory arrest;
  • coma;
  • mild generalized bleeding;
  • platelet dysfunction.

However, for these side effects to occur, the dose has to be extremely high. The patients did not use a typical form of LSD, but a pure powder, possibly mistaking it for another drug. They received supportive care and recovered.

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Report of Eight Patients Overdosing on LSD in 1974

So can LSD put you in a coma? Possibly, if you take a dose hundreds or thousands of times higher than what is normally used to induce hallucinations (100-200 micrograms).

Editor’s Note 🪶

LSD isn’t fully safe just because it rarely causes bodily harm. Even so, it can result in psychological harm like depression or anxiety. Lysergic acid diethylamide laced with morphine or other drugs may also be sold by some dealers. It’s a bad idea to mix those kinds of substances.

More Recent Cases of LSD Overdose – Did It Cause a Coma?

There have been two cases in recent years that have raised questions about the effects of LSD. In the first, a 15-year-old girl took 10 times the normal dose of LSD and had to be hospitalized. However, she wasn’t comatose. The other case was a 46-year-old woman who took 550 times the normal dose of LSD and experienced relief from chronic pain. She didn’t go into a coma either.

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In conclusion, can LSD put you in a coma? In theory, yes, and it has happened in history. But practically, it is extremely unlikely, as long as you know that you’re taking LSD at all. It’s virtually impossible to ingest a life-threatening amount of LSD using blotters. Bad trips don’t result in comas.

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Frequently Asked Questions About LSD and Coma

How Does a Coma Work?

A coma is deep, prolonged unconsciousness caused by brain damage (due to a severe injury, illness, or drug overdose). A person in a coma is unresponsive, which can be a frightening experience for the patient’s loved ones because they can’t communicate with them or learn about their condition.

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What Should I Do If I Think Someone Has Taken LSD?

If someone you know has taken LSD and is having negative reactions, you should intervene. Talk them down, keep them away from dangerous objects, assure them that help will arrive soon, and get them to a safe place where they can get medical help ASAP.

What Are the Risks of Taking LSD?

You may have heard that LSD is harmless, but it can actually have bad effects if used a lot. Some people cope with negative psychological symptoms like anxiety, paranoia, or bewilderment, while others experience life-threatening ones. Seizures or coma may happen after a severe overdose.

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