The phrase “LSD eyes” is often used to describe the distinct look that people have when they are on acid. But does everyone on LSD always have this same dazed expression? Are there more mysterious implications behind having “LSD eyes?” Let’s explore what it means to have “LSD eyes!” 

Ever since its discovery in 1938, the effects of LSD have been thoroughly studied by scientists and researchers. The research subjects, and other LSD users report similar effects, such as vivid visuals, and altered emotions. One more popular thing that occurs is LSD eyes, or LSD pupils. The pupils often become dilated after taking acid, due to the drug’s influence on the human brain. So, how does LSD affect the functioning of our eyes? Let’s find out!

How Does LSD Affect the Perception of the User?

How Does LSD Affect the Perception of the User

Lysergic acid diethylamide, more commonly known as LSD, is a drug that alters the user’s perception of reality. The drug works by binding to serotonin receptors in the brain, which affects the user’s visual and auditory senses (sight and hearing). As a result, it produces colorful or distorted visuals and hallucinations, or hearing sounds that are not actually present. LSD is also known to cause changes in mood and state of consciousness, which can lead to an altered sense of self, time, and space.

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LSD can also “work” when the eyes are closed. In one study, subjects experienced psychedelic imagery, even though they had closed their eyes. It’s truly fascinating, and beautiful.

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What Does Having LSD Eyes Look Like? 

The phrase “LSD eyes” typically refers to a certain glazed-over gaze, as if someone is looking through and beyond you. This can range from an intense, focused kind of stare to a gentle, dreamy expression. People who have experienced LSD describe it as feeling like their vision has been enhanced; colors appear brighter and shapes seem sharper. They may also experience synesthesia, where senses are blended together – for example, seeing music or tasting colors. 

Do You Always Look Different While Tripping? 

Do You Always Look Different While Tripping

Everyone’s experience with LSD is different, so it stands to reason that the external expression of being on acid will differ from person to person. Many people get LSD eyes, but it’s not a universal experience. For some, their facial expressions may not change all that much; for others, their facial features may shift in odd ways or become rigid and still for extended periods of time. Generally speaking, though, most people will exhibit some combination of wide-eyed wonderment and serene calmness while tripping on acid.  

Here you can learn more about the effect of LSD.

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Can LSD Unlock the “Third Eye”? 

The “third eye” is a concept found in many Eastern religions, particularly Hinduism – it refers to an inner eye which brings insight into spiritual truths and allows one to perceive beyond the physical world. There are some who claim that taking LSD can open up this third eye and allow you access to higher levels of consciousness. However, this has yet to be scientifically proven and likely comes down more to individual experiences than any universal truth about psychedelics.

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Whether you’re a believer or not, allowing yourself to believe that your spirit and everything around you is connected could be a powerful experience. You’re a part of a universe after all. Let your spirit roam free, and perceive it beyond your sober vision.

The Dangers of Unlocking the Third Eye

One of the dangers of pursuing higher levels of consciousness through LSD is that the process is not normally regulated. This means that people who take LSD can experience a range of effects, from mild hallucinations to severe psychological disorders. LSD is an extremely potent hallucinogenic substance, and its effects on the brain are still studied by psychology, and psychiatry researchers.

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Recreational users of LSD often fail to understand the risks involved in taking the drug, and this can lead to serious mental health problems. In recent years, a significant number of people reported developing clinical depression and anxiety disorders. In extreme cases, people have been known to experience psychotic episodes after taking LSD. 

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The Bottom Line

While having “LSD eyes” may give off an air of mystery, the truth is that there isn’t necessarily anything supernatural or magical happening when someone appears “glazed over” while taking acid – it simply reflects the altered state they find themselves in while under the influence of psychedelics. That said, these altered states can lead some people down paths towards greater spiritual understanding or even unlocking a mythical “third eye,” though these claims remain unverified by science at this time.

It is also important to note that pursuing psychedelic states through illegal chemicals is dangerous, and may result in legal troubles. Another way of advancing one’s consciousness is meditation. Although it won’t produce the drug effects, it can replace them and provide what’s needed in a much safer way.

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