It has recently come to light that toothpaste and orange peel have been combined to create a hallucinogenic drug. Although this combination is being used as a recreational drug, it is important to understand that this activity can be dangerous and should be avoided. Let’s explore further the effects of making toothpaste and orange LSD.


  • Anecdotal evidence suggests the possibility of creating LSD out of toothpaste and orange ✨
  • Toothpaste and orange LSD is not safe to consume because of fluoride toxicity ✨
  • It is also hard to estimate how such creation will affect you mentally ✨

Toothpaste and Orange LSD: What People Claim

Toothpaste and Orange LSD What People Claim

Toothpaste and orange LSD: does this even exist? Yes! Sounds insane? Well, think cheap DIY LSD! Basically, you can coat an orange peel with fluoride toothpaste, wrap it, and leave it in a hot, humid place, where mold will grow fast. After a few weeks, you can try to burn the mold off, and apparently, the residue gives you homemade acid.

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What Is Fluoride? 

Toothpaste contains fluoride, which can be toxic in large doses. Fluoride is an important mineral for keeping teeth healthy, but it can also cause harm when ingested in high quantities. When taken internally, fluoride can cause a range of symptoms from nausea to confusion, and even hallucinations. Fluoride found in toothpaste is unlikely to cause any significant harm when swallowed; however, combining it with other ingredients like orange peel increases the risk for adverse effects

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Orange Peel and Its Psychedelic Effects When Combined With Fluoride

Orange peel may have intense psychoactive properties if you add toothpaste and keep it in the sun. These compounds are known to produce a range of effects, such as altered mental states. People say they can trip for a whole day, with an estimated span up to 19 hours. We’ve heard some say it’s organic. Positive? Well, not really if you’re letting yourself eat chemical toothpaste.

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Editor’s Note

To be honest, I highly doubt a single dose of such acid could potentially reach 19 hours of potency. Toothpaste and orange LSD is not pure, and therefore, less likely to last so long. 

Safety Concerns 

Safety Concerns 

Toothpaste and orange LSD can be incredibly unsafe. The combination may lead to a bad overdose, extreme intoxication, or worse – death. You should also consider the legal implications if you plan to share your creation. It is highly advised against attempting this combination for recreational purposes or any other reason whatsoever.

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So that’s the news, friends. We hope we’ve put it forward as simply as possible. Toothpaste and orange LSD if you please! Stay safe out there!

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