When to harvest magic mushrooms? As a beginner, you may be interested in growing magic mushrooms at home to have your own “Personal Mushroom Garden”. But when exactly should you harvest them to get the most potent results? Read on and get the details!

The Why of Cultivating Magic Shrooms

People have cultivated and consumed magic mushrooms for centuries, and there are many reasons why they continue to do so. For some, the psychoactive effects of magic mushrooms offer a way to explore their consciousness and connect with the natural world in a deeper way. Others find that shrooms can provide relief from anxiety and depression, or help them to overcome addiction. Some people even use psilocybin as a tool for personal transformation. But when to harvest magic mushrooms?

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When to Harvest Magic Mushrooms

When to harvest magic mushrooms? The best time depends on the species you are growing and the desired effects. If you’re looking for a more mild experience, you may want to harvest your mushrooms when they are still small. For a more intense experience, you may want to wait until the shrooms are fully mature. The later you harvest your mushrooms, the more potent they will be. However, it’s important to note that magic mushrooms can lose their potency quickly after being harvested, so it’s best to consume them within a few days of picking.

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Essential Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Magic mushrooms are most potent when harvested at night or in the early morning hours. The cooler temperatures and lack of sunlight during these times help the mushrooms retain more of their psychedelic compounds.
  2. Many mushroom growers believe that magic mushrooms are more potent when harvested during a full moon. Some even say that they can taste the difference in the mushrooms grown during this time.
  3. Hot, humid weather can cause magic mushrooms to lose some of their potency. If you live in an area with hot summers, it’s best to wait until the fall or winter to harvest your crop.
  4. Different mushroom strains grow at different rates, and some strains tend to grow larger than others. It’s vital to find out more about which mushroom strain you have growing in your setup before knowing when to harvest. You could simply cut off some of your mushroom stems and try them, but make sure they haven’t attained the level of maturity you require before harvesting.

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Factors: When to Harvest Magic Mushrooms

The best time to harvest is when the veil of the mushroom cap just begins lifting off from where it was attached between the stem and the cap. You should harvest your magic mushrooms when they are between 50 and 65 percent of their full size. When to harvest magic mushrooms depends on what dosage you want. Often, the first and second flushes will contain the most potent shrooms. The mushrooms start with a wide, flat cap that begins to elevate as the mushroom matures. The caps begin to rise up as the mushroom dries out.

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Harvesting mushrooms is a complicated process that needs to be done at just the right time for the desired effects. Are you ready to cultivate magic shrooms? So, when to harvest magic mushrooms? Now you know!

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