Hello there! (General Kenobi) We see you’re interested in one of the craziest psychedelic experiences ever. Psychonauts all over the world have tried it, but is it worth it? What are the risks of combining these drugs? Let’s see for ourselves!

Too Long; Didn’t Read 

  • Jedi flipping is taking magic mushrooms, LSD and ecstasy together. 💫
  • This combination is supposed to cause an elaborate and intense psychedelic experience. 💫
  • The “safest” way to Jedi flip is to take a half of the usual doses of each substance. 💫
  • For some people, Jedi flipping can last up to 15 hours. 💫 
  • Please remember that such a combo of drugs is dangerous, and may endanger you. 

What Is Jedi Flipping?

Jedi flipping is taking ecstasy, LSD and psilocybin together. It is said to result in an intense experience – the best of all worlds. 

The term “flipping” is a common name for drug combos (other notable cocktails include candy flipping (LSD and molly) or hippie flipping (shrooms and molly)). In our opinion, Jedi flipping is the craziest mix. Even experienced trippers like our Tom consider it to be too much. But then, it’s a subjective matter, isn’t it?

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The Effects of Jedi Flipping

The Jedi flipping enthusiasts (padawans?) praise it for mind-bending, out of this world effects. The feeling of euphoria, turns into a joyous frenzy. All external stimuli feel enhanced. On the other hand, though, side effects vary from an increased heart rate, and strong nausea, to dehydration, and a painful come down. 

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Now, these are all to be expected from any of these drugs. The problem lies with the duration of the effects, since LSD, shrooms and ecstasy have all different time frames. From anecdotal evidence, we infer that Jedi flipping lasts at least a few hours, but often prolongs to even 15 hours! 

Editor’s Note 🍄

To be completely honest, I don’t think Jedi flipping is worth the trouble. Each of the substances already gives you a unique experience. Mixing them for the sake of an enhanced trip sounds a bit greedy to me. 

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How to Jedi Flip 

Needless to say, we don’t recommend mixing magic mushrooms, acid and MDMA together. But if you’re hell-bent on trying, let us give you some advice. 

  • Since you’re in for a looong trip, please find yourself at least one trip sitter. It’s better to not be left alone flipping for more than 10 hours.
  • Flip in a safe place, preferably home, or at your close friend’s.
  • Drunks dehydrate – drink a lot of water, as often as you can. 

If you’re on any medication, please don’t do the flipping. You never know how well (or unwell) all the substances in your body will mix. We’re all in for following your curiosity, but never at the expense of your health. 

We hope you’ve found your answers about Jedi flipping. Keep tripping, and may the force be with you! 

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