What Is LSD Measured In?

What is LSD measured in? Micrograms! Micrograms measure very small weights. One microgram is one millionth (1/1,000,000) of a gram. It takes only about 50 micrograms to experience the effects of LSD. This tiny amount is so small that it’s hard to imagine! A metric teaspoon contains about 5,000 micrograms, so you could fit 100 doses of LSD onto a teaspoon (if you could measure that accurately).

What Is the Right Dosage for a Good LSD Trip?

So, what is LSD measured in? We already know! But how does that translate to the right dosage?

There are various types of LSD. The most common form is blotter paper (LSD blotter or tabs), which can be broken into smaller doses. Other forms include liquid forms like drops or gelatin sheets, as well as sugar cubes and microdots. The amount of LSD in each form varies; usually 1 tab contains around 100 micrograms (mcg) of the substance. 

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When dosing for the first time, you should always start low – usually around 50 micrograms – and work your way up if needed. This helps ensure that you won’t overdose or have an unpleasant experience. Once you become more experienced with taking LSD, dosages can range from 100-200 mcg for regular acid trippers.

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You could also try microdosing. A microdose usually contains around 20 micrograms of the drug. It allows getting the fun LSD experience, without the heavy psychedelic effects. It is also a way to avoid bad trips.

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Tips For Enjoying Your Trip

To make sure you have a safe and enjoyable trip on LSD, it’s important to plan ahead and consider some key tips:
  • Choose a safe environment – make sure that there are people in your vicinity who understand what psychedelic substances are about. It’s always good to have a sober sitter. Avoid taking them in public places where strangers may interact with you unexpectedly or cause discomfort during your trip.
  • Set and setting – this refers to both your mindset before taking psychedelic drugs and the environment where you take them. Take some time to meditate before starting the trip and prepare yourself mentally for what will come next. Choose an environment that is comfortable yet stimulating.
  • Hydrate – drinking plenty of water helps keep yourself hydrated during trips, which can help prevent nausea. 
  • Have fun – remember that psychedelics are meant not just for getting high, but also as a tool to expand our consciousness. Let go off any inhibitions or worries before embarking on this journey!
  • Refrain from using other substances while tripping – this includes alcohol or other drugs. Mixing multiple substances can add confusion and be potentially dangerous. LSD is itself very intense, so you should be provided with a significantly powerful experience anyway.

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So, now you know the answer to “What is LSD measured in?” and some more! Just remember, even though measurement is rarely accurate with LSD, that doesn’t mean you can just take however much there is. Take every precaution you can, and have fun! 

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