Hello there! Ever heard of Biscotti OG? It’s truly a sweet treat (literally!).  It’s a fun cannabis strain with a sweet scent and flavor. Not to mention the delightful terpenes, and rich THC levels! Let’s see how this cookie crumbles, huh?  

Too Long; Didn’t Read 

  • Biscotti OG is an indica-dominant hybrid strain (more of a bliss than a high). 🍪🌿
  • It has a high THC level. 🍪✨
  • The name “Biscotti” is due to its enticing cookie scent and flavor profile. 🍪✨
  • It’s been carefully bred from Gelato #25 and South Florida. 🍪🌿
  • Subjectively, a luxurious experience for cannabis connoisseurs. 🍪✨

Biscotti OG Specifics

The Biscotti OG marijuana strain is indeed a treat, but not just for its playful name. What makes this strain unique?

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Biscotti is a fun mix of indica and sativa (indica being dominant). It’s pretty potent because the THC level go up to 25-30%. That’s quite impressive, right?Further intriguing are its genetics: it’s a triad of Gelato #25, Girl Scout Cookies, and South Florida OG. In other words, Biscotti OG is like a rich and worthy (yet independent) heir. 

What Does It Look Like?

Growers describe Biscotti flowers as cute green and purple buds, with a dash of orange hairs. There is also a nice trichome coat. 

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Why It Is Called Biscotti – Tasty Scent and Flavor

Ever wondered why “Biscotti”? The strain gets its moniker from the aroma and flavor. Take a sniff of Biscotti OG buds, and you’ll get sweet, nutty scents, reminiscent of the baked Italian treat it’s named after. But the experience doesn’t end there. The flavor profile is just as tasty, like sugar, spice, and everything nice! (Although, somehow people also get a hint of diesel). 

Editor’s Note ✨

The Biscotti weed strain is more than a fun way to get high. The almost euphoric relaxation often helps people who struggle with depression, chronic pain, and mood swings. 

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How Is Biscotti Strain Made?

Now, the making of Biscotti OG isn’t as simple as baking a biscuit 🍪. It requires a strategic cultivation process of its parent strains – the heavy-hitting Gelato #25 and South Florida OG, combined with the flavor profile of Girl Scout Cookies. Growers have to be very careful when breeding to get it just right. It’s a labor-intensive process, but the result (Biscotti OG) is worth it!

Biscotti Strain Review

Let’s talk details, shall we? Biscotti OG is surely hyped, so my experience wasn’t a surprise (though it was surprisingly as good as we hear it is). And trust me, the smell has not been exaggerated, at all! So sweet, and satisfying! 

Popfizzy Weed Sign

The first half an hour was pretty uplifting, kind of like a rollercoaster going up. And up from there, I just flowed with it. It was chill and fun, but I do have to say, also strong. I could clearly feel all the THC there is. 

All in all, I can definitely recommend this strain. Aside from being a really decent hybrid, it offers a one of a kind experience. It’s a sweet treat, worthy of its name and fame. 

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