Let’s start our fascinating journey through the world of Treasure Coast mushrooms – an interesting strain of magic mushrooms. It is known for its impressive potency and ease of cultivation. In this article we will talk about different aspects of these fungi, including their psychoactive effects and cultivation tips.


  • Treasure Coast shroomies are a type of Psilocybe cubensis.
  • Florida’s where they call home.
  • Their potency? Somewhere between yay and whoa.
  • Sometimes, they’ll even surprise ya with a ghostly white lil’ fella – an albino!

The magic mushroom world is so diverse, and each strain offers different experiences for users. Treasure Coast mushroom, a fascinating strain of Psilocybe cubensis, seems to be especially exciting for mycologists and psychonauts of the world. They were named after a region in Florida, and they offer an impressive potency and simple cultivation requirements. In this article you will find all the information needed about this strain, so let’s get started.

treasure coast mushroom strain

Treasure Coast Mushroom: General Information & Description

Treasure Coast mushrooms (also called Psilocybe cubensis ‘Treasure Coast’) come from the southern gulf coast of Florida. They have medium or large fruiting bodies, and their caps are up to 8 cm in diameter. Young shrooms have a conic shape, and they become more convex as they grow.

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The color of this strain can be golden brown or cinnamon brown. Sometimes blue hues are visible (due to a common phenomenon called bruising). Stems are typically white, thick, and fibrous.

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Potency of These Magic Mushrooms

The potency of Treasure Coast psilocybin mushrooms is moderate to high. Some effects you can expect after consuming them include hallucinations, introspection, enhanced creativity and deeper connection with nature.

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Cultivation: Spores, Growing Conditions

Treasure Coast mushroom strain is said to be potent and easy to grow. It can adapt to a variety of conditions, both indoor and outdoor. The most common method of cultivation involves using the PF Tek method or grain spawn, followed by transferring the colonized substrate to a fruiting chamber. The mushrooms thrive in high humidity and temperatures ranging between 75 °F and 81 °F (24 °C and 27 °C).

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Treasure Coast mushrooms are able to produce multiple harvests in one growing cycle (thanks to its resilience and fast colonization). What’s more fascinating, this strain can produce occasional albino mushrooms, which is very rare among Psilocybe cubensis species.

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