Lizard King mushrooms are a unique strain of Psilocybe cubensis, known for their potency and curious history. If you enjoy discovering new strains of magic mushrooms, read this guide! We’ll describe the looks, effects and growing conditions of the Lizard King.


  • Lizard King mushrooms are a cubensis strain first found growing in the wild on a mixture of wood and horse manure 🔍
  • Their looks aren’t very special – thick pale stems and beige or brown caps 🍄
  • People have experienced them in different ways, ranging from low to high potency 🍄
  • They’re likely to produce similar visuals and physical effects to other cubes 🍄

Where Does the Lizard King Mushroom Come From?

The Lizard King is a Psilocybe cubensis strain originating from northern Mexico. It was named after an ethnomycologist who went by the name Lizard King and was responsible for finding several strains of magic mushrooms. The shroom was first found growing on wood mixed with horse manure, which is atypical for a cube, but hey – fungi can grow just about anywhere, given the right conditions.

Description of Appearance and Growing Conditions

Appearance-wise, the Lizard King mushroom looks just like other cubes. It has a thick, pale stem and a beige cap. It’s hard to distinguish from other specimens just by looking at it. What’s interesting, though, is that they bruise in a very blue color compared to other cubes. Most users of this shroom are people who grow it themselves from spores.

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Growers’ Opinions 🍄

According to mushroom growers, this strain produces good flushes without special treatment. They do well on a standard substrate like coir and vermiculite. When asked how the Lizard King compares to other strains, some people have said “a cube is a cube” – meaning they didn’t feel much of a difference. 

Frilled lizard shouting: Fear me! I am the Lizard King!

Lizard King Cubensis: Potency and Effects

Some people swear by these magic mushrooms’ potency, reporting full-blown visual trips that last for hours with little body high. Others say the Lizard King is more like a mild mood enhancer, with no spiritual effects, making it suitable for beginners. Since opinions and experiences vary, we can safely say that the strain is reputed to have medium potency. Its psilocybin content is unknown.

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Overall, the effects of magic mushrooms depend on the dose. Half a gram is considered a microdose, which isn’t meant to produce a high but to improve cognition, focus and wellness. On the other hand, 3–4 grams can bring on strong visual hallucinations and euphoria. It’s important to note that Lizard King mushrooms, according to some users, start working very fast – within 10 minutes. They may not be as potent as some other varieties of their species, but they seem to be reliable.

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Probably as much psilocybin as other cubes. Enhances mood. Medium potency.

Now you know what to expect if you ever come in contact with these mushrooms. Keep in mind that psilocybin remains illegal in many parts of the world, and its use is widely discouraged because of possible negative outcomes.

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Review of Properties

growingregular substrate mixes for P. cubensis
fruitingbig flushes
effectsmoderate visuals, elevated mood
potencymedium to high

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