Conocybe siligineoides is a species of mushroom found in Mexico. It is a small, mushroom with a slender stalk that’s been used in rituals. What is it and how potent is it? Read to learn more.

Conocybe Siligineoides: Appearance

Conocybe siligineoides is a species of fungus that belongs to the genus Conocybe. With its smooth, conical shape and small size, it is often confused with other similar-looking mushroom species. Conocybe siligineoides has a thin stem and the mushroom is about 3 inches tall, so it is quite small. It has a characteristic reddish-orange color of the cap, which is bell-shaped or conical. Other names of the species include: cone caps (because of the characteristic cap), Ya’nte or Tamu. It is known to be frequently used by Mazatecs, indigenous people of Mexico.

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Conocybe Siligineoides: Distribution and Habitat

Conocybe siligineoides distribution is very limited. It can be found in Mexico. This species is typically found growing on wood chips, in gardens or on lawns. They prefer humid and warm climates.

Conocybe Siligineoides: Psychedelic Compounds

The active compound in Conocybe siligineoides is said to have psilocybin, which can produce hallucinations and alter perception. Some users report feelings of euphoria and heightened awareness, while others experience anxiety and paranoia. Because of the wide range of potential effects, it is important to be cautious when using this mushroom. It is also worth noting that Conocybe siligineoides may be confused with other poisonous mushrooms, so it is important to correctly identify it before consumption.

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Conocybe Siligineoides: Potency

Conocybe siligineoides are not as commonly and thoroughly researched as other types of magic mushrooms, however, they do contain psychedelic compounds. For this reason, they were considered sacred mushrooms by indigenous people in Mexico and were used in shamanic ceremonies. The potency of Conocybe siligineoides is not clear, and it can vary. The research regarding the chemical compounds in Conocybe siligineoides is limited. The compounds that occur most frequently in this genus of mushroom include psilocybin, psilocin and baeocystin.

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