Have you ever heard about the Psilocybe guilartensis? This particular type of mushroom is indigenous to South America, and its psychoactive effects have been described as “relatively mild.”

In this post, we’ll be describing the Psilocybe guilartensis mushroom. We’ll also talk about how to identify this species of mushroom, as well as some other interesting facts.

History of the Psilocybe Guilartensis & Similar Species

Psilocybe guilartensis is a species of psychedelic mushroom in the family Hymenogastraceae, genus Psilocybe. First described by mycologist Gastón Guzmán. It is similar to other mushrooms in this genus, including Psilocybe banderillensis.

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Description of the Psilocybe Guilartensis

Here are some of the most important features of the Psilocybe guilartensis.


  • 0.4-1.1 inches in diameter;
  • dark violet or purple-brownish in color;
  • fading to tan when the mushroom is dry;
  • staining blue-green to black when crushed or cut.


  • whitish or cream at the beginning;
  • changing to violet brown or chocolate brown as the mushroom gets old;
  • with adnexed attachment.

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  • 1.1-3.1 inches long;
  • 0.4-0.8 inches thick;
  • whitish to brown in color;
  • with small scales towards the base.

The spores are dark violet in color. This mushroom is said to have farinaceous taste and smell, with a slight mustard odor.

Psilocybe Guilartensis – Habitat

Psilocybe guilartensis is a small, white mushroom that grows in groups. It is common to find it growing gregariously on bare clay or mossy ground. Hiking trails, coffee plantations, tropical and subtropical forests are all places where you can find it. Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic are the only known habitats of this species.

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Psilocybe Guilartensis – Hallucinogenic Effects

The active ingredient in Psilocybe guilartensisis is psilocybin, which is a psychoactive compound that can produce hallucinations and altered states of consciousness.

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There is very little research on the effects of Psilocybe guilartensis, but what is known suggests that it can produce powerful hallucinations. Some users report seeing colors and patterns that are not normally visible, and others say that they have experienced time distortion and out-of-body experiences. Thanks for reading!

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