Psilocybe zapotecorum is a mushroom that comes from the Psilocybe family. It is found in Mexico and has been used for centuries by the Zapotec people for religious ceremonies. What is so special about the Psilocybe zapotecorum? Read on to learn more.

Psilocybe Zapotecorum: Appearance

This fungus has a distinctive appearance, with a small to medium cap measuring about 0.7 to 4.7 inches. The cap is typically convex or conical and usually never expands plane as the mushroom matures. The color tends to vary depending on the growth stage. When young, the cap is yellowish brown or tan, and tends to get darker with time.

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The gills of Psilocybe zapotecorum are typically cream when the mushroom is young and get violet brown with age. The spores are dark violet brown and the stipe is thick, slightly flattened and can measure from 1.1 to even 10 inches. It is a strongly bluing mushroom when bruised.

Psilocybe Zapotecorum: Habitat and Distribution

Psilocybe zapotecorum grows either solitary or in clusters near body of waters (creeks, rivers). They prefer humid and warm but shadowed areas, near forests (such as oak or pine forests). They can be seen in subtropical forests and countries such as: Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, El Salvador, Venezuela, Ecuador and Nicaragua. 

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Psilocybe Zapotecorum: Psychedelic Compounds

This psychedelic fungus contains the psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin, which are responsible for its hallucinogenic effects. Psilocybe zapotecorum has a long history of use in Mesoamerican shamanic rituals, and it is still used by some indigenous groups today. 

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Psilocybe Zapotecorum: Potency

The levels of psilocybin found in Psilocybe zapotecorum can vary quite substantially from one individual to another, depending on a variety of factors such as environmental conditions and other types of microorganisms present in the habitat. Some studies have even shown that some individuals may contain higher concentrations of this compound than others, which may be related to their innate metabolism or other physiological characteristics. Despite this variability, however, research has shown that Psilocybe zapotecorum can provide strong hallucinations and altered states of consciousness.

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